Laserworx: Trophy Shop and Industrial Engraving in Pottstown

Laserworx opened its doors in Pottstown, Pennsylvania on August 1, 2008 and is run by father and son team, Steve and Jim Hoffman. We understand that the awards people receive are more than just recognition; they are also constant reminders of special moments they have experienced. With that in mind we set out to provide great looking awards and gift items of the highest quality at the best prices possible. Recently we have been able to purchase a machine that now allows us to engrave a much wider spectrum of materials. Our capabilities now include industrial and contract marking on all metals and alloys as well as most plastics.

Steve made a career as a general contractor for over 30 years. He has carried his experience over to the engraving industry giving him a superior knowledge of all the materials we work with. Our on site production shop is run by him and we can not only engrave your awards, we can also create many custom orders just for you.

Jim has a background in the arts. He graduated from Gettysburg College where he took a number of art and design classes. He designs all of the artwork and layouts that go on any piece that leaves our shop.

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